Welcome to the Young Researcher Meeting!

We are proud to announce that the 8th YRM 2017 will be held at Cittadella dei Musei in Cagliari on May 29th-June 1st 2017.

The registration is now open!


The Young Researcher Meeting has been a rapidly growing event for the last few years. Together with other initiatives emerged in several research areas, the young researcher meeting marks the awareness and the desire of PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and young researchers to play a major role in the scientific progress.

The Young Researcher Meeting is a conference devoted to the discussion and the interchange of new developments and ideas in Physics. The meeting is primarily aimed at graduate students and postdocs working in Physics, who are encouraged to present their work in an informal atmosphere. 

The main purpose is to create an international network of young researchers, both experimentalists and theorists, and fruitful collaborations across the different branches of Physics.

The meeting is organised in sessions, each of them devoted to an active research field in Physics: particle and theoretical Physics, soft and condensed matter, Astrophysics and Cosmology, Geophysics, Biophysics and medical Physics, applied Physics.

The conference proceedings are published in the IOP Conference Series.


The Opinion:

"...and every scientist can gain immediate access to a vast store of scientific thought and to millions of other scientists via the Internet. Why, nevertheless, do in-person scientific meetings remain so valuable for a life in science?

Part of the answer is that science works best when there is a deep mutual trust and understanding between the collaborators, which is hard to develop from a distance. But most important is the critical role that face-to-face scientific meetings play in stimulating a random collision of ideas and approaches. [...] There is a danger of scientific meetings becoming overly specialized as the amount of scientific knowledge expands.

- Bruce Alberts -

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